Construction Management Services

While there are many construction management companies on Florida’s Gulf Coast, award-winning Willis Smith is one of the oldest. For over four decades, we’ve built a reputation for construction management without peer. 

Our depth and breadth of construction experience and management services reaches across sectors that include: education, healthcare, industrial, hospitality, commercial/mixed-use. Yet, all of our projects demonstrate our dedication to quality and commitment to sustainable construction. Our work isn’t just good for the client, it’s good for the community.  

What makes Willis Smith the company of choice for your next construction project? Our success isn’t just found in our buildings, but in our relationship with clients. We take the time to see their vision, then take the approach to best accomplish their objectives. 

For over 40 years, Willis Smith has built an unequaled reputation for construction management services in Florida. Our company is committed to excellent work and providing a full range of services for our clients from site selection, renovations, additions, pre-engineered metal buildings, full-scale construction projects, and more.  Among the management solutions we offer:

Construction Management

With this standard approach, an architect/engineer develops construction documents and the construction manager provides project management services throughout the entire project. 

Construction Management at Risk

Construction Management at Risk has become the preferred delivery system for larger construction projects in the State of Florida. The reason is simple and it has to do with the economics of the projects. The CM-at-Risk process involves the contractor from the very beginning of the design process. This activity is called pre-construction services and it allows the CM to give the architects and engineers early input to help keep the project within budget parameters.

Also, because the CM-at-Risk is an open-book process; Owners are more comfortable with pricing. Bidding is still conducted, but it is performed at the subcontractor level - typically involving three to four subcontractors in each category.

Construction Management where an Architect/Engineer develops construction documents and the construction manager serves as the project manager providing pre-construction and construction services.

  • Selection flexibility
  • Design phase assistance
  • Establishes GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) prior to construction
  • Single point of responsibility
  • Team concept
  • Faster schedule delivery
  • Change flexibility
  • More responsibility for Owner to evaluate Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • More Owner responsibility to participate

Best suited for larger projects

Construction Management


General Contracting

General Contractor is the most traditional approach to construction management. Whether we draw on our in-house professionals, the local tradesmen and vendors, a combination of both, as General Contractor, Willis Smith handles every aspect of construction management, from payroll to final inspection.  Since 1972, Willis Smith has overseen all aspects of construction, including hiring and paying subcontractors and vendors. Whether we’re performing or coordinating work on a project, our construction services are always focused on meeting and surpassing the expectations of our clients, company, and community. 

Design/Build Delivery

A simple approach to construction with the potential for significant cost-savings for the client, Design/Build Delivery holds the Design/Builder financially responsible for any discrepancies between the project plans and finished construction. The “single point of contact” method of this management solution works to the client’s benefit. 


In addition, Willis Smith provides construction management services for healthcare and sustainable projects. Contact us today to learn how we can insure the success of your next project.