At Willis A. Smith Construction, we believe making informed decisions during preconstruction is crucial to achieving a smooth construction process with added value and minimized risk. Our Precon team’s role is to make certain that ideas and alternatives are accurately evaluated early in the design process. We offer a wealth of expertise, effective management systems and tools, technology and innovative thinking to ensure that the right issues are identified, addressed and solved before construction begins.

Our preconstruction managers are committed to working as strategic partners with our clients, the design team and the project team during the preconstruction phase. Working together as an integrated team, we will create shared project goals against which to benchmark and measure our progress, as well as ensure we are making decisions that are best for the project. Working with this highly collaborative process enables us to drive the design to the client’s budget, rather than budget the design. Robbie Gronbach, our Director of Preconstruction, and the entire staff of preconstruction managers are experts in the field of preconstruction and estimating.

Our teams are also skilled in developing creative, value-driven alternatives that maintain design, performance and aesthetic objectives while also considering constructability, life-time maintenance and operations, and sustainability.

Preconstruction Services

Total Project Budgets Construction Budgets
Budget Monitoring Evaluation of Building Systems
Scheduling Sustainable Analysis
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Cost Estimating
Cash Flow Projections Value Engineering
Constructability Reviews Document Coordination
BIM/Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Site Staging and Logistics Planning
Procurement Strategies Permitting